Anti-Spam Policy

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Spam, What is it?

Spam is regarded usually as unsolicited email, including “junk mail”, that hasn’t been requested by the recipient.  It is the scourge of company systems and gateway administrators as it chews up time resources and bandwidth!

For the home body, it’s the proverbial pain in the backside. It can be offensive especially if small children use your computer and stumble across some of the content which can be inappropriate.

We also consider the excessive and inappropriate posting to newsgroups as spam as well.
People find any form of spam annoying and offensive.

Permission based emails, what is that?

Permission based emails are where a person subscribes to an email list to learn more about an organisations goods and services. Terms associated with permission based emails are: opt-in, opt-out, subscribe here, click here to unsubscribe, etc.

They are usually related to the subject matter of that website where they the user has decided to receive emails. In most cases they constitute a relationship as they have decided to receive emails from this source.

Harriss Jones only uses permission base email lists where people have the choice to subscribe or unsubscribe to that list, forums or newsgroups. In the case of our permission based email, we only collect as a minimum your email address, your first name and last name.

At times we may collect information for other programs however this is fully explained before you enter any information into any of our sites. Our privacy policy outlines what is collected as a maximum.

In the case of all our permission based email lists, we provide users with the choice to opt-in or opt-out at any time. We use automated systems for this process so we get it right!

Our expectation is that people who sign up to any of our email lists, forums and newsgroups do so with integrity. Be honest and say who you really are, we have, so can you.

Preventing Spam

When a customer decides to sign-up with any Harriss Jones Pty. Ltd. email lists, forums or newsgroups found on any of our sites, they agree not abuse any of these facilities for collecting information or sending any unsolicited emails or messages for any purpose.

Harriss Jones Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to determine how it will deal the offence, whether it is exclusion from the email list, forum or newsgroup or whether it constitutes a reporting to the relevant authorities.

What Harriss Jones does to avoid Spamming

As part of joining an email list, forum or newsgroup we have developed the following processes to avoid Spamming;

  • When you subscribe to an email list, forum or newsgroup, you agree to abide by the terms of use for that facility. This means that you will have to abide by our Privacy policy and Anti-spam policy.
  • Allowing subscribers to unsubscribe through a link, box or button that explains that they are unsubscribing to the facility of an email list, forum or newsgroup.

Do you think you’ve been spammed by us?

If you believe that you have received spam from or through any of our email lists, forums or newsgroups please send an email to our office outlining your query or complaint.

Please provide any information to assist us in resolving the issue. It is in our interest as much as yours to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Please note: we do not undertake any investigation based on anonymous complaints.

False Complaints

We support and appreciate programs, applications and organisations who work to eliminate spam.

If a subscriber has opted-in to receive an email from one of our email lists, join a forum or newsgroup then makes a complaint against any Harriss Jones Pty. Ltd. facilities or users, we will cooperate fully with the appropriate organisations to challenge the complainant and advise them of the abuse on their part and the malicious intent of their actions.

We will assist in alerting the Internet community of their intentions. It’s amazing how people hate being banned from Internet Service providers, and their name black banned because of their unethical behaviour. We’ve seen it done!

To find out more about our Anti-Spam Policy, fill in the make an enquiry form here.